About us

Keli has lived in Flagstaff since 1993 when she moved here to attend Northern Arizona University. After obtaining her undergraduate degree with an emphasis in journalism, Keli was a local newspaper editor and reporter. She graduated again from NAU with her master’s degree in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on conflict resolution. For the past 18 years, Keli has worked for Flagstaff Medical Center in various roles, including marketing and public relations, physician relations and as a project manager most recently. After many years of a corporate job, she decided she wanted to give the right side of her brain something fun to do, so is pursuing Creative Spirits as a side business. Keli lives with her husband, Sean and their two children, Kyle and Kayden, in a house they bought twice because they love it so much. They share their home with two rescue dogs, a Chihuahua named Oreo and a shepherd mix named Minnie.

Stephanie has lived in Flagstaff since 2007. Her favorite thing about this lovely town is that it looks like a Christmas village when it snows. She graduated from Northern Arizona University as a non-traditional student with her Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts in 2016. She has proudly served the Flagstaff community at Adult Probation for almost 11 years in various roles and loves the concept of helping people be productive members of society. When she’s not hanging out with her crazy friends and family, one of her favorite pastimes is hiking with her dog Grull and improving their time on Mount Elden. Their current record is hiking to the top in an hour and 30 minutes! She loves to spoil him rotten with home baked treats and lots of cuddles.  She has always loved art and wine which makes this side business a perfect fit for her.  Meeting new people and helping them discover their creative side has been a real joy and she loves the team of artists the studio has been fortunate enough to have.   

Destanee is originally from Phoenix, Arizona but came up to Flagstaff to go to school at Northern Arizona University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. Throughout her college career she became involved in various campus programs, including leadership programs for incoming freshmen and fun, educational programs for the freshmen in her residence hall. Destanee has always had a passion for art, and loved to put creative twists in the group activities she would facilitate. Once she graduated from NAU she decided to stay in Flagstaff and became a leasing consultant for a property here in town. When she’s not working she enjoys cooking, printmaking, painting, and spending time with her three dogs Odie, Django and Kylo. She is currently working on her goal to raise backyard chickens, and dreams of one day adding a pig to her little family! Destanee loves working with groups of people, especially in a creative setting, and is very excited to be working here at Creative Spirits!

Dana is originally from Flagstaff. She graduated NAU in 2004 with a BS in Photography and a Minor in Graphic Design. The great thing about painting is that it’s an awesome stress reliever. It allows her to use the other side of her brain to let ideas, feelings and tension flow on to the canvas.  She works as a 911 dispatcher; she loves her job, but it is very stressful.  Creating art helps relieve the tension and stress that come from her occupation.

Loretta has lived in the area for 18 years, primarily in Cottonwood. Originally from South Dakota, she majored in Graphic Design and Watercolor at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Then worked in international/ national advertising for many years.  Her diverse interests in the arts include; graphic design, mural painting, lettering, custom wine barrel painting, glass painting & watercolor.  She loves to teach and witness how creativity can be explored by everyone!

Teri would drag crayons and colored pencils with her to family gatherings as a young child. Her interests in the arts included visual arts, and she also performed with family members in themed waterski shows. Her senior year of high school she was the winner of the Wisconsin State Park Sticker Design Contest. She had based her design on a camping trip from Girl Scouting.
Teri majored in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. For part of her coursework, Teri volunteered for an Art and mentoring based program for students with learning disabilities and their college-aged mentors. Teri has worked as an elementary art teacher in Phoenix before moving to Flagstaff to pursue a graduate degree in Counseling. Teri works at a local clinical mental health facility in Flagstaff.
In her free time, Teri enjoys spending time hiking in nature, teaching and participating in yoga classes, and painting, making origami and experimenting with other crafting materials.
After painting a handful of times with Creative Spirits, Teri is excited to be a part of the Creative Spirits artist community to help others foster a love and appreciation for different arts and crafts form from novice to advanced artists.

Kalah is from California but has lived in New Jersey, Alabama, and now Arizona! She moved to Flagstaff in August 2019 to begin classes at NAU. Kalah is pursuing a degree in graphic design and also works at Mama Burger downtown. Being busy is what keeps her sane but painting is a great relief when things get too hectic! Kalah enjoys hanging out, cooking, and baking in her free time, especially with her friends. She is looking forward to meeting you and helping you get into your creative side!

Carmella is originally from Warwick, New York. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona, during high school and is now studying Early Childhood Education at NAU. She is involved in different on-campus clubs and organizations, but none including art. She has loved art her whole life and is excited to be able to combine two of her favorite things- art and education! Carmella enjoys being with her family and friends, reading, and watching movies. She is looking forward to meeting you and helping you create your art.

Kim creates edible cookie art! She has lived most of her life in California and moved out here to Flagstaff back in 2015. Her love for baking started when she was first engaged to her husband and looking for ways to make money for the wedding. That’s when her sister’s mother in law taught her how to create edible art in the form of sugar cookies. She brought her skills out here to Flagstaff and developed her own designs, cookie recipes, and flavor profiles.  She loves to create these pieces for people to eat and enjoy.  She is thrilled to be able to teach others how to create something so special with friends and loved ones!

Andrea has been living in Flagstaff for over 20 years now. She grew up here, and went to high school and college here. She got her Associate of Art from CCC and loves art in all forms. She has been part of community theater through Flagstaff Music Theater, as well as other choir and musical performances since she was a kid. Andrea is excited to start working with Creative Spirits to help teach others that painting is fun! She is very thankful for this opportunity and hopes others will enjoy painting as much as she does.

Trevor has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration from Ringling College of Art & Design in 1993. He has more than 27 years of work experience in many genres of art including graphic design, traditional and computer-assisted/digital illustration, web site development and fine arts painting. From 2003 to 2009 he sketched and painted en-plein-aire in his studio in New England and eventually, Sedona where he displayed in galleries. Trevor has designed magazines for 23 years, and been in marketing and advertising design for 20 years. He has managed as Art Director or designed as a freelancer for local, regional, national and international magazines and clients in a wide array of businesses; military education, healthcare, technology, retail, outdoor living, real estate and more.

Some of his clients and employers have included Arizona Highways, Bay Chamber Concerts, Camden National Bank, Camden Public Library, City of Flagstaff, City of Sedona, Clavier Companion – The Piano Magazine, Department of Defense, Down East magazine, Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, Flag Live! Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel magazine, Gallery of Modern Masters Sedona, Gore Creative Technologies Worldwide, Hillside Gallery of Sedona, Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Mountain Living Magazine, Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET), Northern Arizona Healthcare, Northern Arizona University, Rock & Ice Magazine, Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Sedona Magazine, Shooting Sportsman and Soccer Magazine.

Maddie lived in Flagstaff for more than two years and is originally from Scottsdale. When she graduated from Northern Arizona University with a major in Advertising and a minor in studio art, she returned to the valley to pursue her career with Tandem Journey.  Her desire to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to pursue their creative niche is what led her to Creative Spirits.  She started our ever-popular Pet Portrait classes and Creative Kids Summer Camps and we are thrilled to have her working with us virtually! 

Lainey is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and attended Marywood University where she studied fine art and graduated with a bachelor of arts in art therapy and a minor in psychology. From there she went on to work at a camp in New York as a facilitator and retreats coordinator. There, she lead team-building experiences, art projects, and community events for many diverse groups of people.
As well as art, one of Lainey’s interests is gardening and sustainability. She went on to pursue this interest as an intern on an organic farm in Colorado. Adventure called, bringing her to Flagstaff in September 2016, where she was a barista, artist, and adventurer for several years.  The opportunity to bring people together with something fun and fulfilling and help others tap into their creativity is what drew her to Creative Spirits.  Her return to Pennsylvania in 2019 left a hole in our hearts and we feel fortunate to have her return virtually and paint with us!   You can find her hiking, painting, or curled up with a good book and a glass of wine.


lived in Flagstaff for about 10 years and graduated from NAU in 2013 with a Degree in Studio Art and Psychology. He then finished up his MA in Art Therapy, a degree program through Saint Mary of the Woods College. He has been making art since he was strong enough to pick up a pencil, and loves to work with others to explore their creativity. In addition to visual arts, he is also an aerial dancer, working with Circus Bacchus and Momentum Aerial in a number of local performances. When he moved to Oregon, our little studio was heart broken but we are so excited to have him back for our virtual events.